Dr. David Peterson Testimonials

“My lower back feels so much better and I believe that by keeping my back in alignment I keep my lower back problems to a minimum and also keep other health problems from arising. I keep coming in for regular chiropractic adjustments because I believe in being proactive when it comes to my health. I also prefer to better my health through alternative methods rather than drugs. I believe the outcomes will last longer, with less side effects. Chiropractic also gets to the root of the problem, it’s not just a band-aide.”

- Bernie

“Dr. Dave was not only attentive to my issues at hand with concerns to my health, both physically and mentally, but offered me positive feedback and a plan for improvement. Since I have been attending my sessions regularly, I have noticed physical and mental improvement.”

- Hossie

“Since birth, there was fluid trapped behind my son’s one ear. It eventually caused him to have ear infections that would not go away, even with antibiotics. After his first adjustment, it cleared the fluid that was trapped behind his ear and he never had another ear infection again. No surgery or antibiotics for him. I think every baby should be adjusted right after birth, being born puts a lot of stress on our spines. If my son would have been adjusted right away, he wouldn’t have had the fluid trapped behind his ear and he wouldn’t have had those painful ear infections. It has also made him a healthier child in general.”

- Kelli


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